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Turnkey Commercial Real Estate Development Services

Comprehensive strategic and tactical services to maximize your commercial real estate opportunities

Your commercial real estate project begins with two key ingredients: i) a land  parcel or existing underperforming building; and ii) an idea. True North has the people, skills, and experience to create your vision with our complete, end-to-end real estate development services.

Development Services

From the onset, our development team has a deep understanding of all of the pre-development work that needs to be undertaken before you break ground. Our expert consulting will ensure that all of those pieces are in place, including financial and market feasibility, risk profile, capital sourcing, and municipal entitlements and approvals. Learn more about our real estate development services.


Beyond individual projects, True North Group has the expertise to help you manage all of your commercial real estate assets. From strategic planning, through implementation and facilities management, to administration of major capital expenditures we understand every aspect of commercial real estate. See how you can put our asset management services to work for you.

Construction Project Management Services

Once our development team has your project entitled and approved, ready for development, our project management team takes over, engaging and working with designers tendering to contractors; construction administration of contracts to bring your project to fruition. We also manage contract close-out and commissioning. Discover the benefits of our construction project management

Tenant Coordination

Once your project is operational, we can manage your tenants including landlord’s work and tenant construction. Explore the ways our tenant coordination can benefit your organization. 

Facilities Management

Once your project is operational, we can manage help with operational plans and facilities management for the operating property. Explore the ways our facilities management can benefit your organization. 

Our various divisions work together or independently to cover all the aspects of your commercial real estate developments. Talk to us today to see how we can help bring your vision to life.

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